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Voice Actors Needed!

2009-02-08 06:09:09 by Tygrathor

Well I got a Temporary Flash Program i can use and if i keep it at this rate ill finish this month or next. The only Problem is I need Voice actors for it. The Flash is A Bunch of Funny Shorts put together sorta like Stick Figures on Crack but not stick figures. Anyway E-Mail Me at superbice1@yahoo.com for more info Need 7 boys voices and 4 Girl Voices. But they cant be super squeaky.

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Voice Actors Needed!


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2009-02-08 15:40:59

im good at makin different voices but i highly doubt i'll be able to send a recording X(

Tygrathor responds:

Well use you mic or buy one then save it and sen it to my E-Mail