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2008-07-20 22:51:14 by Tygrathor

The SFC is back on kinda because...

1.My computer messed up and i lost my data

2.I got 1 submision.

Sorry 1 and Sorry 2

2008-07-15 16:25:49 by Tygrathor

Sorry1: Sorry i wasnt on for a while i was in Las Vegas. I missed out on alot of stuff.

Sorry2: The SFC is cancled until further notice.

Stick fighting collab

2008-07-02 18:42:02 by Tygrathor

go here for info. SFC

Im leaving

2008-06-24 01:55:14 by Tygrathor

Todays the Day i leave Ill still be on though
See ya in August

Im making a music video and i got the music but i need people in animation to dance. If you send me one by my E-Mail ill be sure to incluse you as a co- Author. Plz send in sumthing. I would prefer it be sumthing that goes with Rock.

Im Making my flash Vid but i need Help PLZ

News about stuff

2008-06-22 08:28:59 by Tygrathor

June 24, 2008 ---I go to the states to vist family

August 8 moms
Oct. 18 mine

Join the saftey Patrol (Totsuka) go to Kira01 for more info

Im Lonley on NG These are my only friends. Not Many

2008-06-21 18:01:51 by Tygrathor

Just thought i make a list of my friends on NG.
Note I dont have very much because not many people like me.


Thats it... I told u theres not much.

Im Lonley on NG These are my only friends. Not Many

Drawing #7

2008-06-21 05:08:27 by Tygrathor

Heres my seventh drawing posted.
This ones pokemon

Drawing #7

Drawing #6

2008-06-20 04:51:33 by Tygrathor

Heres another drawing i did. Its Aaron as a Ninja Assasin

Drawing #6

Drawing #5

2008-06-19 11:48:36 by Tygrathor

Heres another drawing by Aaron and me.
Us in our Edsworld version and our Phoenix Clan colors above.
srry its sideways <|:(
In order from left to right...

Drawing #5